Arm knitting provides alternative to needles


Dan Gorman, Distribution Reporter

Arm knitting is a method of knitting that many students have taken up as a hobby. The reason why this method of knitting is called arm knitting is because instead of using hands and sewing needles, people use their arms. This is a fun activity for people because it is not time consuming and it is fairly easy so anybody can do it.

Arm knitting is a hobby where knitters knit with their arms. You make things like scarfs and blankets, arm knitting is a way for people to be productive during their free time. Arm knitting is more of a free time activity that you start up and finish within 30 minutes.

There is a catch to arm knitting: once you start your project you have to finish it because their is no way to hold it together if you take it off your arm.

Senior Danielle Nelson said, “You have to finish it, which is really no big deal because it only takes about 25-30 minutes to make.”

Arm knitting is a great hobby to get into, it is a fun thing to do when bored or while watching television.

“I think people arm knit when they are bored and because some people are sensitive to pointy needles” junior Josie Ales stated.

One thing great about arm knitting is that you do not have to use needles so you don’t have to worry about poking your fingers while trying to knit something.

Junior Emmi Biggouette said, “Arm knitting is great because you don’t have to use needles and then you don’t have to worry about poking your fingers, which makes it easier and more fun.”

The method of arm knitting is starting to become a new trend, and is much more fun and easier than regular knitting. If you have some yarn and some time to kill pick up the yarn and start knitting away, then you can go show your friends your new scarf or blanket that you just made.


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