Pretty in Plaid

Picture by Joselyn Reiche in SAHS showing plaid fashion

“But, the mother of all ’90’s trends will always be the plaid, flannel shirt,” blogger Ana Colon said on However the 21st century has changed how we view or even wear plaid.

Vogue magazine is plaid obsessed. They give you 14 ways to wear plaid. Coach and Michael Kors, some of the hottest brands out and about right now are selling plaid. Places like Target are using Adam Lippes for their plaid. “The 350-plus items cost between $10.00 and 129.99, and are on sale at Target starting September 27,” blogger Stephanie Eckardt on

People think of the colder times of the year because the original plaid was meant to keep people warm. Senior Ally Benjamin said she thinks plaid is for  “Fall and winter because it’s cold out and lazy and comfortable. Plaid has changed from the flannel to keeping you warm and going to a thinner shirt. It’s more fashionable. I wear plaid because it looks comfortable and it is comfortable.”

The improvement of the original plaid has helped create a fashion style. The flannel has been transformed into fashion shirts, sock, purses, bows, etc. The past shapes the fashion in stores now.



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