Birkenstock provides comfort and fashion

Photo by Mary Burchill – Senior Kallie Quist shows off her original brown Birkenstocks.

The latest trends in shoe fashion have been none other than the Birkenstock sandals. It is a big look now, but for a big price. They can go with a casual look and even be dressed up. The prices range quite high for the original Birkenstock brand, from $90-$140. However, there are plenty of well made knock off brands for cheaper prices to help follow the trend. The knock offs can be found in stores like Kohls and Target, they offer multiple styles for sometimes even $100 less. Birkenstocks are a style of shoes for boys and girls alike, and is not at all gender strict which makes it a versatile new style. These shoes are great for the end of summer look. The styles range from original brown or fun floral designs, giving buyers the ability to find originality to their Birkenstocks and making a personal fashion statement. They also can adapt to most everyone’s feet to ensure extreme comfort and style. These shoes are a great fit for any and all.


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