The color burgundy

Photo by: Kaitlyn Wylie (Erin Lemanski rocking the burgundy sweater!)
Photo by Kaitlyn Wylie Junior  Erin Lemanski rocking the burgundy sweater.

The color burgundy is hitting the streets!  “Burgundy (or what I like to call ox-blood) is the fresh new color for fall. It goes with just about every other color like grey, camel, black and forest green and has a lot of attitude. I’m going to say it, ‘Burgundy is the NEW black,’”  the website Shut up I Love This wrote. People can get just about anything in a burgundy color: pants, shoes, scarfs, and shirts and so much more. A person  may ask what colors do not go with burgundy, those colors would be butternut squash (yellow-orange), or even some shades of green and  people can get burgundy skirts, dresses, even accessories. If people are wearing burgundy, they can definitely wear gold as an accessory, such as earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. People can not forget about the burgundy lipstick, or nail polish that makes the lips, and nails pop out. For the footwear people can always get fashionable burgundy colored tall boots, to express the outfit a little more. To top it off do not forget to  rock that burgundy purse.





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