What is old is new

Photos by Laura Ilkka.

Fashion trends catch on quickly, people always are looking for something new to showcase their personality and fit their style. What is old seems to quickly be new again as the 90’s style of crop tops, high waisted pants and more make a dazzling comeback in teenager’s closets.

All of the vibrancy and fun of 90’s style is exactly why it is making such a quick comeback, “I feel like fashion was a lot more interesting and edgy in the 90’s, that’s one reason why I like wearing items from that era,” junior Laura Ilkka said.

All of the featured photos are from Ilkka loves to incorporate this look every day.

“I love wearing crop tops, flannels, jean jackets, high waisted pants, turtle necks, windbreakers and chunky boots,” Ilkka said. Her day to day style has edge as she shows examples of her personal usage of 90’s style to showcase her personality.

Ilkka, along with many other teenagers can be seen head to toe in an outfit reminiscent of the 90’s. Chocker necklaces are highly popular along with chunky boots and windbreaker jackets, giving teenagers accessories to go with the outfit. Magazines like Vogue are even acknowledging the new trending style with suggestions of outfits and how to perfectly pull off a 90’s look. From casual and comfy to edgy and hardcore the 90’s has a style for everyone.

“I love that it’s effortlessly cute and I love shopping around for items to wear at thrift shops,” junior Laura Ilkka said.

Goodwill in Stillwater is a place to look for the perfect 90’s vibes to rock in the school hallways. There are also local thrift stores like Finney Fox that provide a wide variety of retro clothes including a ton of 90’s clothes for great prices. Not only does 90’s style showcase individuality with its creative styling and layering, but it’s also cheap and easy to find. Even if shopping is not ones favorite thing to do, the search for a fun 90’s look may be closer than you think.

“Sometimes even my parent’s closet has 90’s clothes,” Ilkka said.

So no matter what someones taste in style may be, the 90’s fashion is back and is a fun and edgy bandwagon to hop onto.


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