Winter boots that are cute and durable

Photos by Mary Burchill

The winter season is looming which means that it is boot season. The biggest struggle of this holiday season coming back is finding the perfect pair of boots. Every girl loves a cute pair of boots that can be versatile with outfits like dresses, sweatshirts and everything in-between. There usually is not a type of boot that fits the bill of every kind of outfit a girl may wish to wear. However, there is a good set of guidelines for the best boots to get for any and all outfits, while still being able to stay warm despite the Minnesota chill.

Riding boots are a big essential to wardrobes, but can be very expensive. There are stores like DSW and Nordstrom that not only have a wide range of colors and sizes and types, but also can be very durable for the winter weathers. Those options can be more costly too, so the alternative is going to Famous Footwear, where boots can be up to $100 dollars less, but still provide the needed warmth of a boot. To add on another fun element stores like Target sell knee-high socks with or without fun frills to provide another cute element to the outfit.

If riding boots get old, or someone favors shorter boots more, durable combat boots are a great answer! Not only can they be very warm and comfortable, but they can provide a more edgy look that the riding boots do not. These can range in colors, keeping options open for any style someone may be going for. Again, Nordstrom and DSW are a great place to find them, however if someone is looking for a more edgy version of the combat boot Dr. Martens are extremely edgy and well made for a cold, snowy walk.

Lastly there is a traditional choice that will provide furry comfort for the winter, it is none other than the UGG boots. These boots have many different sizes, styles and colors making the possibilities of fashion nearly endless, and one’s feet extremely warm with the plush fur on the inside. A more cheap version of UGG boots with the same kind of inside texture is Bearpaw brand, it offers some similar options, but can also be far cheaper.

No matter what kind of style someone may want to rock in this fall-winter season there is a boot choice that will provide for the cute style, yet still keeps girls toasty warm for when the snow begins to fall.


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