Thanksgiving Decorations

turkeyThanksgiving is all about giving thanks and eating turkey. So how do you decorate for that? It starts with the legendary symbol of the turkey. The way to decorate with a turkey symbol starts with window stickers. They make a great Thanksgiving statement. The first thing people see are the windows. The statement of the window stickers is turkey. They are cute and perfect for the holiday. Another way to do it is to put it on the door so all the neighbors can see it.The colors of Thanksgiving are brown, orange, and red. So the only utensils required to make decorations are scissors and those colors of paper. The paper can be made into anything such as a banner that sais “Happy Thanksgiving” or streamers hanging from the sealing. Thanksgiving definitely is a holiday worth decorating for but not just any decoration will slide this year. The symbol of the turkey is something  to go off of this year. As long as the decoration are the colors of thanksgiving then they will look great. It is a easy as just picking up some paper, pair of scissors, and tape to put it up. Many decorations are as easy as that. There need to spend much money to decorate for Thanksgiving.





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