Stay toasty warm for winter

(Photos by Mary Burchill) Different styles of turtlenecks are displayed showing a fun variety of options for keeping warm this winter.

The snow has officially fallen and the temperature has dropped which means it is time to gear up and keep warm this season. Sweaters are always a fun way to stay warm  and still look winter chic. This year there is a sweater making a warm comeback: turtlenecks. From slouchy to tight the styles and colors of turtlenecks vary in fashion for everyone to enjoy and express themselves.

When people think of turtle necks the initial thought is the standard tight shirt or sweater with a turtle neck, however there is a wide variation to these styles of sweaters too. For the traditional turtle neck sweater there are many different types of knit versions and patterns to keep it interesting and individual. H&M has a wide range of turtlenecks, some that resemble a cozy Christmas sweater to a longer dress styled knit turtleneck.

For a more casual and loose style, Urban Outfitters has the answer with a neck style based off of turtle necks; cowl necks. These are less restraining if one is uncomfortable with the tightness of the traditional turtle neck. Stores like Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 have many options of these types of sweaters to expand someones closet style.

Another way to find fun and individual versions of turtlenecks is by stopping by a local vintage store. There is always a fun array of options at vintage stores that create a fun and completely unique look.

One turn off for many turtlenecks, old and new, is how itchy they can be, but there is a simple remedy to this problem. If one wants to wear a turtleneck sweater that is too itchy they could pair a thin, long sleeve shirt under it that will have the style stay and keep the itches away. With many colors, styles and shapes available it is clear turtlenecks are a great addition to the winter look to stay merry and bright this Christmas season.


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