Stylish Christmas Jewlery

photo by Rachel Zinkgraf These beautiful diamond and green earings are beautiful for.


The first thing that people think of when Christmas comes to mind is Green, Red, Stars, and of course snow. These are key symbols for Christmas jewelry. When trying to pick out jewelry for Christmas there are only two words o go off of, and that is green and red. These two colors scream Christmas. Green is a color that is fairly hard to pull off so it looks the best when complimented with gold. It also just boosts the Christmas Theme. Red by itself is a great color, it is a very complimenting color. The key is to incorporate both red and green into the whole look. Such as earings, necklace, and bracelets. A very popular symbol for Christmas is the star and it will shine brighter worn by a lady than at the top of a Christmas tree. The star will also compliment green and red. A simple golden star necklace will light up the room and catch everyone’s attention at a Christamas party. Snow is the white cover that makes the Christmas lights shine so much brighter in the dark of night. A snowflake is like a luminously white frozen flower in the winter season. This year may be a Christmas without the snow. It is the best time to bring the snow back by wearing a beaufiful snowflake necklace or pair of earrings to bring a bit of snow back into the Christmas season. These symbols and colors compliment eachother very well and can be alternated a necklace, bracelets, and earings to really  show the Christmas spirit ths year.


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