Ugly christmas sweaters for holiday fun


(Photo by Mary Burchill)

Every Christmas there is a tradition to wear fun, festive colors, and cute clothing. However along with cute, warm fashion, there is also a wonderful tradition of the infamous ugly Christmas sweaters. This style of outrageous Christmas gear is a fun holiday classic for young and old. The only problem can be finding the perfect Ugly Christmas sweater.


The first option is to go DIY. Buying a plain white sweater and going to a local craft store such as Michaels and finding a sticker or iron-on accessories. Anything from fat Santas to cute reindeer is fantastic for making the holiday sweater personal.

If a DIY choice is out of the question, Forever 21 has many fun options. From a cute sweater with a giant red reindeer nose and jiggling bells to a giant, cozy and fuzzy Mr. & Mrs. Claus sweater. The options are all across the board and creative, while still staying extremely stylish.

Finally, a fantastic option is the famous website Redbubble with fun, creative and personally designed options. There are pages after pages of creative Christmas outfits that are a cheap purchase away from being exactly what’s needed for the holiday season. From “Merry Christmas ya filthy animal” sweaters to a cute Christmas pug the options are completely endless to ensure that anyone can find the perfect ugly Christmas Sweater.



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