Winter Ski Fashion

Photo by, Rachel Zinkgraf                                                       These long wool socks are extremely warm and it only requires one layer of these socks to keep the toes nice and warm.



Snow Sport Fashion for skiers and how to stay warm while looking fab on the ski slopes.When someone is skiing in an extra cold day they need plenty of layers to stay nice and toasty. So it is essential to make every layer super cute. It is important for every layer to be full of color. Start off with a turtle neck long sleeve shirt because scarves are way too bulky for sports. The next layer is a sleeveless shell which is very thin and extremely warm. Down feathers are extremely warm and make the shell extra insulated. On top of the sleeveless shell is a fleece which needs to be thick and fuzzy for more warmth. For the last top layer add a very colorful ski jacket. The more colorful the better. The color of the ski jacket influences the color of snow pants that can be worn with it. The best approach to take it to get a ski jacket with a bit of white incorporated into the color and that makes picking out snow pants so easy because white snow pants will go with the jacket perfectly. On the bottom to stay warm during skiing, start off with a pair of leggings and just to be sure, a pair of sweatpants over the leggings. Over that is where the snow pants go. For the skier to keep their feet nice and toasty one fair of wool socks is all they need to keep the feet from freezing off. To top off the whole warm and fashionable look is a patterned ski hat. That is how to be super fashionable while staying nice and warm on the ski hill.


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