Warming winter wears


Photo by Mary Burchill


Tis’ the season to be freezing, and Minnesota knows how to do it best. As the temperatures drop that does not mean anyone’s fashion levels should too! While strolling the frigid streets, it is hard not to pick the first warm and ugly thing in the closet and sacrifice fashion. Instead of sacrificing there is a way to get the best of both worlds.

Suffering through a bushy, itchy scarf is no way to enjoy the winter weather. Instead of using an old and unforgiving scarf that has seen better days, stores like Forever 21 have an array of warm, giant scarves for cheap. For only $16.90 the Chunky Knit Infinity Scarf is a spectacular accessory that is highly versatile, making it a smart and fashionable buy.The Infinity scarf is one of many options that Forever 21 has for scarf fashion. Colors like grey, black and tan are always the best options for a new scarf since they can go with virtually coat color and stiff be highly fashionable.

For those cold mornings and freezing steering wheels warm, big mittens are the best option. Target has fantastic warm mittens for a great deal. The Impressions mittens are furry on the inside with options of a plain outside or fun designs. The mittens are highly rated on the Target website and are the perfect tie in with a winter scarf.

Lastly to complete a winter weather look and survive the cold everyone needs a warm hat. A great option for cozy comfort is the highly popular ‘Love Your Melon‘ hats. From warm, knit headbands to cozy beanies the famous brand offers a plethora of hats to keep everyone’s melons nice and toasty.

From head to toe, everyone can now stay nice and warm as they enjoy the wonderful winter season!


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