How to redo bedrooms quickly and easily

bedroom6 (2)
Janel Hutton from NellieBellie shows a great way of saving space and keeping surfaces mess free.


Walking down the stairs, opening the bedroom door, but being bored of what is seen is a problem many face. Redoing rooms can take 30 minutes. Moving where the bed is can be a quick change to make a room seem brand new. Buying throw pillows and making curtains can be a quicker but more expensive way to change up a room. If there is no room on a dresser, an idea like Janel Hutton’s, NellieBellie blogger, which is to use a shower rack to clear up the space, can be a nice change.

Putting up quick wall art is a nice way to make a room feel new.


Another quick fix is to buy art to cover the walls. To keep there from being holes when changing around the art, get sticky wall décor. These are four great, quick, and easy ways to keep the room feeling new.


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