Winter makeup essentials

Photo by Rachel Zinkgraf Keep the skin healthy by moisturizing it this winter.

The way to get the best skin in winter is to hydrate it with moisturizing products. The skin changes depending on the weather and humidity and especially in winter the skin is at its most dry point. Light liquid foundations are great for winter because they cover up the skin’s discoloration and impurities. It also keeps the skin hydrated so the skin does not flake.

It is best to apply liquid foundation with a brush rather than hands or a sponge because it prevents bacteria from spreading and blends much better. When applying liquid foundation with a brush, dabbing the foundation in is much better than swiping it around. It prevents makeup lines and the coverage is much better.

When putting on foundation in the winter it is necessary to use moisturizer at all times. Before applying makeup, to prevent flaky makeup it is vital to use moisturizer. The type of moisturizer all depends on skin type. For oily skin it is best to use a light oil free moisturizer. Dry skin requires a more oil based moisturizer. For acne prone skin there are moisturizers with salicylic acid in them to prevent blemishes. Moisturizer should also be applied after removing the makeup to replenish the skin. After using these products the skin will stay healthy and look great this winter.



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