Bad hair day remedies

Photos by Mary Burchill


There are days when a girl’s hair is her worst nightmare, bad hair days are notoriously evil and can ruin any girl’s day. But there are tricks of the trade for any girl to make the world believe she’s never had a bad hair day. All it takes is a little tender-loving-care and tutorials.

Step 1. The correct wash

In order for healthier hair, correct showers must be taken. Hair should be washed approximately every 3-5 days depending on hair types, and less is more. Daily showers can take a toll on hair and effect its qualities. Finding the right conditioner is another important piece. Conditioner must always be used, and it is recommended that leave in conditioner is used about once a month to heal and restore hair.

Step 2. Air dry is the best way

While early morning showers mean blow drying hair, the best and healthiest choice is air drying. After taking a shower one way to help curly and wavy hair is scrunching it, and then spraying a light layer of Moroccanoil hairspray for $18.59. It will not leave any trace of hairspray in hair, but leave a stronger wave or curl.

Step 3. The morning after

For day two, hair can be tangling and messy and unmanageable to wear down. There are varieties of ways to hide the frizz from the world.One of the fastest and easiest ways to hide a bad hair day is to brush out the tangles and put it up in a bun or ponytail.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to hide a bad hair day is to brush out the tangles and put it up in a braided ponytail. It is an easy way to hide uneven curls and waves and can be styled as a tight braid or loose braid.

If hair is frizzy and tangled beyond belief it can actually be worked with to create a bun style called ‘cotton candy bun‘. The hair can be put up in a ponytail, teased and then the teased pieces can be tucked into the binder to have a messy-chic appeal.

Step 4. Accessories to hide

If a shower seems impossible, but hair is greasy beyond belief, hats and headbands are a girl’s best friend. Stores like Charming Charlie are filled with many headband styles to compliment any outfit and cover rooted grease. Another option is to rock a vintage baseball cap and have a little ponytail sticking out the bottom. This is a classicly cute hairstyle to cover up any grease.


These steps can help any girl defeat a bad hair day and go on with her day without worry.


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