The latest and greatest handbag fashion


Handbags come in handy all the time. When people have a bunch of stuff to carry they can just put it in their hand bags and they are good for the day. Hand bags come in all shapes, sizes, colors and lengths. People usually have a lot of different ones to go with more than one outfit. Every season, people are coming out with more and more fashion handbags with bizarre colors odd shapes. 

Vogue stated, “Timeless elegance characterizes the best bags for winter, whether through faraway inspiration, an era revisited, natural leather and graphic luxury skins, metallic details or the season’s dominant colors of black, gray and red. Think high style with fun finishing touches, as we celebrate the new-season trends.”

There are many new trends for people to try out by many different designers. So do not be a late bloomer, go get a handbag today.



Photo taken by Kaitlyn Wylie. These fancy handbags are great

for when you are on the go and super fashionable. Student Kelly Colombo stated

“ I never leave my house without one!”




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