Comfortable shoes that are great for spring

With the snow hopefully melting away soon the grass and streets will be filled with water and mud within the next couple of weeks. Many people are not going to want to get their good shoes muddy so they are buying Crocs. They are all used for the same purpose, but some are more fashionable than others. They can come in many styles such as sandals or with enclosed toes, like the ones you see below. Crocs come in all colors and you can buy stickers and buttons to decorate them.

A very popular fashion website called Fashion Container explained, “Isn’t it funny how items that are considered everything but fashion suddenly transform into a wardrobe must have for every woman? Take Birkenstocks. Or dungarees. And what about harem pants or tie dye shirts? Right now, the time has come for crocs to transform itself from a shoe loved for its comfort into a fashion must have.”



Photo taken by Kaitlyn Wylie.

Not only are crocs coming into the fashion world, they are the world’s most comfortable shoe.







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