Chalk it up to decorate

Photos by Mary Burchill

Rooms are a place of sanctuary for many people, but one problem with rooms is the feeling can become very stagnant. While moving the furniture can be effective as well as adding new decor, a way to keep it new and alive is a chalkboard wall.

Chalkboard walls are a way to leave a creative mark in a room and change it as the seasons go on. From loving, warm Christmas messages to flowers and spring welcomes, the possibilities for decorations are endless and fun.

Chalkboard paint is cheap and affordable and can be bought at any local stores, such as Walmart and Menards.

The paint must be applied twice and can be applied over wallpaper if needed. If all four walls in black seem over-bearing, there is always the option of painting just one or two walls. That way the room can still have other bright walls, but also be open to the fun and different chalkboard styles.

Design ideas for the big black wall can be found anywhere from Pinterest to Tumblr or someone’s own mind. Chalkboard walls give people a chance to let their mind wander creatively on their wall, but erase it if it grows old.

Chalkboard walls can also work for kitchens or living rooms so kids can freely draw around the house and not upset parents. Chalkboard walls are a unique way to make a statement in a personal space.


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