Spring Shoes

Photo by Rachel Zinkgraf. Oxford flats are great for spring. They are comfortable and look great.

In the spring it is always popular to wear a pair of cute flats. They don’t require any hassle and are very easy to slip on, so it is always a good idea to have a backup pair of cute flats. A neutral colored flat goes with everything and spring is always the season of very colorful clothes. neutral colors will complement the outfits very well. A style of flat popular this spring is the oxford flat which is a flat that looks like a tennis shoe.

Heels are back. After a long cold winter of UGGS and combat boots, It is time to do some major heel shopping. White heels are very classy and compliment bright and vibrant spring clothing. For solid colored clothes and dresses statement heals are perfect. Statement heels are a style of heel that makes a statement. They make a plain black dress look like high fashion.

While being cozy at home people usually like to wear slippers for comfort but now slippers are coming to the streets. slippers are definitely in style because they are really comfy and look great with sequins on them. The slipper is great for the days that the feet hurt from wearing heels for so long, and now they can be worn outside of the house.



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