Things to wear on a rainy day

Now that spring is in full effect the weather will be changing into more rainy and cloudy days. Starting March people start bringing out the rain jackets. Rain jackets are very convenient and light weight. They come in all sizes, colors, patterns and brands.

A very popular fashion website called GearX stated, “Spring and early summer are wet months, so an effective raincoat is necessary.”

Raincoats are a need for spring and early summer. People do many activities such as hiking and biking. They are also good for sports such as softball and lacrosse if you do it early in the morning.

A cute and functional accessory  people also grab along with a raincoat is a colorful umbrella. The fashion website Vogue stated “Talk about erratic weather: One day it’s so sunny that you’re regretting pairing tights with your Rag & Bone boots, and then the next you’re stuck hiding out from the unexpected showers under scaffolding… So that is when you need an umbrella!”.

Umbrellas are very useful when it comes to storage  and being able to fit easy in the car or purse. So when out buying a cute raincoat do not forget to buy an umbrella.

Rain jackets are useful for just about everything when it comes to sports and activities.  Student Megan McGuire showing off her rain jacket. “Rain jackets are perfect for spring and outdoor activities… Even if it does not rain.”

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