Balancing sides of Yoga

Photos by Anne Reason


When people think of yoga, the initial mental image is someone sitting cross-legged and humming. While that is one side of yoga, there are many other forms of yoga that provide not only fantastic health and fitness benefits, but also bring a tranquilized, calm state-of-mind.

There are many forms of yoga, one of the most popular being relaxation yoga. Relaxation yoga is a happy medium between stretching and actual meditation. It requires little to no physical effort but is all about focusing on breathing and paying attention to one’s body. This is a great way to sit on an office floor during a stressful day, sit criss-cross applesauce and calm your breath and heart rate to continue on the day.

Another form of yoga is stretching yoga. Stretch yoga involves more discomfort, but can help loosen joints and warm up the muscles and body. Stretch yoga is a great thing for dancers and gymnasts as they can not only focus on their stretching and improving, but they can also calm themselves down and focus internally.

Another form of yoga that requires the most amount of energy is cardio yoga. Cardio yoga is a happy medium between Zumba, a dance form of workout, and yoga. While one engages in a more intense movement they are also reminded to pay attention to their breath constantly and remain internal, while getting out a good sweat.

All of these forms of yoga are a beneficial way to not only get exercise, but it also helps one remain internal despite the messy day to day life. There is a growth in yoga studios currently so for more information on yoga classes and groups google is always a wonderful way to start. Namaste!



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