Crop tops have a come back

IMG_2869 (2)With temperatures rising, stores have short shirts called crop tops. Crop tops are a fun way to stay cool in the warm months. Crops tops come in different styles. Girls own several types of these cute shirts. However,  having just one if girls’ closets will do just fine.

Girls buy shirts with tribal patterns. Tribal pattern was all the rage a few years ago, yet is still popular enough to still be sold.

This years popular tops are stretchy. They look smaller in size but will be the size needed after she puts it on.  TJMaxx sells these types of crop tops.

Many people buy tops with color, patterns, decals, or solid colors.

Crop tops have been around since the 80’s and have only gained popularity since they have been around, teenagers are styling them in many ways. Making them vintage with acid wash jeans. Girls can make it grunge by adding a chocker necklace and worn down denim jacket. Also, girls are dressing them up for a modern look with a half up half down hair style.


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