Frizz hiding hairstyles

Photo by Rachel Zinkgraf This fishtail braid is perfect for the rainy and humid days of spring.

The dense humidity of spring is a girls worst enemy. At least for their hair’s sake. So here are some cute ways to style hair to disguise the frizz.

Braids are all the rage and there are many different types of braids being invented every day. The most common being the fishtail braid. Just like it sounds, this braid actually gives the illusion of a fish tail. To achieve this braid step one is to start by separating the hair into two strands. Step two is to take a small strand of hair from the very right of the right part and bring it around that piece of hair and repeat on the left side. Then continue the whole process until reaching the very end of the hair. This braid is unique by using little strands pull in all of the frizz. This hairstyle will have people dishing out compliments all day.

The best super fast hairstyle to disguise the frizz while looking super cute, is a messy bun. This is the go to hairstyle for girls with curly hair because rather than hiding the frizzy curls. It brings out the beautiful curls that they were born with, so rather than damaging the hair with heat products. These hairstyles hide the frizz and they will loo great at school.


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