Canvas face; a new way to conceal

Photo by Mary Burchill

Concealing blemishes and discolored skin is a well-known fashion trick, however, the makeup world has developed a new way to cover blemishes, and it is a colorful surprise.

With the new idea of color correcting it goes along with the artistic idea of the color wheel. Yellow concealer will cancel out the purple undertones on skin and vise-versa. While the idea of coloring on a face with bright greens and purples seems unrealistic, in the end, it gives off impressive results. This new revolution is extremely popular and dominating the stores and even youtube tutorials.

The most important piece when using the color corrector is to know what each color is for, which can be easily explained here:

Green is used to hide redness from any pimples or swelling.

Yellow is used to correct under-eye bags and conceal them on tan colored skin.

Pink is used for the same reason as yellow, except this will cover better on pale and fair skin.

Purple will cover any yellow undertones on the skin to even the color.

And lastly orange and tan are standard contour correctors.

While the extremely professional versions can be bought at places such as Sephora and Ulta, there is a cheap option as pictured that is reviewed to work just as well. This NYX version can be bought at any local department store for $12.

Happy coloring!


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