Tie dye trends for summer

Photo by Mary Burchill

When summer rolls around that means it is time to break out the bold, fun colors to match the season. With new trends comes new things to buy, however, if someone needs a low budget new clothing item or just a fun project the answer to summer fun is always tie dye.

Tie dye is a very common, but fun way to take old clothes and brighten them up, or add something colorful and creative that is made by the individual and their own ideas, but how can someone’s tie dye stand out? There are many original tie dye versions that can be original and colors that are used less frequently to make someone’s tie dye represent them. Another thing that can create an original feeling to the shirt is by cutting the shirt in certain ways, or taking more original shirts like lace tank tops and tie-dyeing those. The world of colors and tie dye is wide open from head to toe with artistic possibilities.

If someone’s artistic abilities is not up to the highest level there is always the easier patterns that can still look absolutely original, but become an easy, one-day project for the lovely weather.

And lastly to ensure the best color absorption for tie dye and to make sure the color bleeding is minimum there are many step by step instructions to guide any brave endeavors into the artistic world to make the project easy and fun.

Lastly, if there is no time to create tie dye there are many different online stores that can sell custom tie dye shirts, from prices of $6.99 and up there are many tie dye options with no mess involved, but still a world of fun colors.


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